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The healthy social life is found
  When in the mirror of each human soul
  The whole community is shaped,
  And when in the community
  Lives the strength of each human soul.

- Rudolf Steiner

Michaelmas Farm is a family homestead in north central Massachusetts. Currently, we raise goats and chickens, maintain vegetable and herb gardens, and actively engage in biodynamic agricultural methods and practices. Our learning center space is home base to various c
ommunity-based initiatives serving homeschooling families and others who share an interest in what we do. We draw upon the contributions of Rudolf Steiner and his valuable insights into human development and social forms as the primary inspiration for our work.    

Dear Friends, 
Happy Summer 2014!
Whether you are found us because of Michaelmas Farm, Waldorf Family Network, or some of our new work that is emerging this year, you're in the right place! 
We are in the process of developing two new initiatives.

HearthwaysTM is a community-powered initiative offering opportunities to nourish the head, heart, and hands through joyful explorations in the natural world. We draw from the invaluable contributions of Rudolf Steiner and his insights into human development and social forms as our primary inspiration, placing the human being at the center of meaningful work and the cosmic world.   
Click here to view our brand new website! 

Sophia Alliance for Home EducationTM is a grassroots community-based initiative serving parent educators inspired by the insights and work of Rudolf Steiner. We offer programs and services to empower, support, and enrich the work of families on this path, including resources for learning, sharing, and building community.  


This website is still under construction at this time. Please check back soon!





- Some parts of the new HearthwaysTM site still need some tweaking. We felt it important just to get the core information out there so that folks can know about it, and also start to let others know. Please feel free to share with others!

- As you can see, the current web address uses the Weebly name in it. We do own our own domain name for this site, and will be mapping it over so that it points to the new site sometime this summer. Please just use the Weebly address for this site. When in doubt, just check back here at MichaelmasFarm.com. We will also have an email list or blog for HearthwaysTM soon, so that will be another way to stay updated more directly. This service just hasn't been created yet...but it's coming!  

- The site for the Sophia Alliance for Home EducationTM will be finished sometime this summer. We are working very hard to finish at least the core information so that, much like the HearthwaysTM site, the information will be out there and folks can start to share it with the community. We are confident that you will love the finished product!   

- Finally, there are actually two more websites on the way. One is a biographical website that I am in the process of creating for professional purposes (writing, speaking, etc.). It's almost finished, and should be ready soon. The other new site is a brand new one for Michaelmas Farm. This one is going to take a little longer, as we are compiling pictures and adding on information about sites for our children's endeavors and so forth. We'll let you know when these are both ready to roll.

We appreciate your patience as we strive to serve you better!
In the meantime, please feel free to contact us should you have any inquiries about these new endeavors or need some support: MichaelmasFarm@comcast.net

Stay well and enjoy the beautiful season of late summer...


Michaelmas Farm

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